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Bold & Gold and Filtration System

High-Performance Filtration System (HPFS)

BOLD & GOLD® Filtration Media is a biosorption activated media (BAM) patented at The University of Central Florida’s Stormwater Management Academy. It can be applied to a wide variety of stormwater, wastewater and agricultural best management practices (BMPs) to enhance pollutant removal discharges to groundwater and surface waterbodies.


• Used for nutrient removal for TMDLs and ERPs
• Approved by Water Management Management Districts and Florida Department of Environmental Protection
• Improves water quality with average annual removal rates up to 95% of phosphorus, 80% of nitrogen and 90% of bacteria in runoff
• Laboratory studies show removal of PFAS
• Service life up to 50 years for nitrogen and bacteria removal
• Contains no organics—will not decompose
• Optimizes developable space by reducing the reliance on traditional BMPs to meet pollutant requirements
• Manufactured under strict quality control practices to ensure consistent performance
• Fast and easy installation
• Used in conjunction with common Green Infrastructure practices
• Low operation and maintenance costs

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