Concrete Vaults

Centralized Stormwater Treatment

Concrete Vaults use cartridge technology for centralized stormwater treatment such as in central drainage areas. Between the cartridge technology and the pretreatment chamber, subsurface vault systems are ideal for complex pollutant and trash removal. This is partly due to the cartridge filter technology because removes various pollutants. For example, those found in parking areas and industrial facilities.

How do Concrete Vaults Work?

The system is built as a multi-chamber vault:

  1. Pretreatment chamber – this is where untreated water enters
  2. Filtration chamber – desired filtration cartridges are located here
  3. Outlet chamber – contains the outfall pipe

Runoff enters the system through the pre-treatment chamber where the heaviest pollutants separate from the runoff and sink to the bottom.  As the runoff fills this chamber, it rises to pass into the filtration chamber. In order to keep any floatables out of this chamber and protect the cartridges, a full-length hood is included at the opening. In addition, the entrance to this chamber includes a full-length hood to filter out floating trash, debris, and oil/grease. Once the water filters through the cartridges, it drops down into the outlet chamber and exits the system.

Key Benefits of Concrete Vaults

  • Offers a highly effective treatment in a small footprint
  • Includes an emergency bypass system if the hood were to clog
  • A good option for projects with a treatment flow rate of 3 cubic feet / second or less
  • The concrete exterior can be made in both round and rectangular shapes
  • Can be used in both inline and offline applications
  • Compatible with both subsurface storage and infiltration designs
  • Meets or exceeds typical performance requirements for TSS, TP, and N03
  • Three chamber design protects the system to extend the life of the cartridges

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