InterAx Geogrids

Our Highest Performing Geogrid

InterAx Geogrids are for heavily-trafficked applications. Due to its geometric construction, this geogrid offers superior confinement. Furthermore, it combines coextrusion and advanced material science to dramatically improve soil interaction. As a result, customers can expect an efficient and durable stabilization layer. InterAx Geogrid also drives superior performance across a broader range and quality of aggregate types and gradations. This gives our customers more flexibility in aggregate choice.

Use InterAx Geogrids to:

  • Increase the lifespan of asphalt and gravel roadways and parking lots
  • Improve subgrade for asphalt roadways, gravel roadways, and parking lots for faster construction
  • Improve foundations for bridges, drainage structures, buildings, and crane pads

Features and benefits of InterAx Geogrids:

  • Coextruded material combines highly durable confinement with increased roughness to enhance surface friction and encourage aggregate embedment
  • Optimized geometry provides high rib and effective aspect ratios, and ensures performance when used with most roadway aggregate gradations

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