Trash Guard Plus®

Catch Basin Screen/Filter

Trash Guard Plus® is a patented catch basin screen/filter. It traps and filters solid materials and floatables out of stormwater runoff meanwhile maintaining water flow. Thoroughly tested, this device is proven to perform reliably. Furthermore, it is offered in three screen sizes for use with discharge pipes with <24” diameter. In order to determine the premium size for your application, call a Ferguson Waterworks expert. Firstly, we will ask questions so that we can further understand the requirements of your project. Then, we will provide custom and strategic solutions. To note, each screen can be adjusted at installation to accommodate low-flow stormwater events of 10 CFS or more.

Key features of the Trash Guard Plus:

  • Made from 100% HDPE
  • Optional bottom plate available for rounded bottoms
  • Optional retaining rails available for plate removal
  • Simple retrofit to an existing catch basin
  • Installs easily without heavy equipment
  • Adjusts to irregular catch basin bottoms and/or walls
  • Helps eliminate stormwater trash at public parks, beaches, and waterways

Sizing the Trash Guard Plus Unit

Installation of a Trash Guard Plus® screen is relatively straightforward and quick. Furthermore, it does not require heavy equipment. As with any catch basin filter, regularly scheduled maintenance to reduce clogging or flooding is necessary. With the Trash Guard Plus, we recommend inspections and cleaning every 3 months (or after any major weather event).

Before installing the device, perform a hydraulic calculation to determine the maximum flow rate based on the depth of the catch basin and the size of Trash Guard Plus used. This calculated model determines the maximum flow rate with no obstructions or varying amounts of trash. Furthermore, it informs the drainage area necessary to support the flow rate. Allowable trash build-up and drainage area required for trash build-up will impact maintenance frequency.

If catch basin conditions allow an increased flow rate and additional vertical capacity is desired then a model can be calculated to determine the flow rate when extending Trash Guard Plus from 1” – 7” from the catch basin wall. As stated above, this calculated model will determine the maximum flow rate with no obstructions or varying amounts of trash buildup.

For assistance with calculations, please reach out to your Ferguson Waterworks team. We are here to help.

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