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As leaders in Geo and Stormwater, we stay up to date on the latest products, technologies, and regulations for managing runoff in urban environments. From Rain Gardens and Bioretention Basins to Pre-Treatment Devices and Underground Storage, we offer innovative products that prevent ponding, capture debris, filter pollutants, and prevent erosion. Let our experts help you select and customize products that generate better results and ultimately lower the total cost. Enhance your Urban Green Stormwater Infrastructure with a partner that is invested in your success.

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Design Assistance

Our regional engineers and designers are well-versed in local regulations, BMPs, and innovative stormwater runoff solutions. Furthermore, we put customers first and are available to collaborate on site-specific solutions that prevent parking lot flooding, soil erosion, and much more.

Jobsite Support

We do not simply supply green stormwater solutions. In fact, customers can count on our experts to provide support from submittal to installation. We are here to answer questions, solve problems, and help you achieve premium and long-lasting results.

New Product Development

We’re committed to innovation. That is why we manufacture a variety of geosynthetic products and provide engineering support for project-specific solutions such as custom liners for urban stormwater management systems.

Municipal/Developer/Public Engagement

We help both municipalities and developers identify candidate locations experiencing stormwater runoff problems. Then, we provide environmentally friendly stormwater runoff solutions and infrastructure plans that increase water quality and transform the location into a green city.

Urban Green Waterworks Infrastructure Products

Innovative, environmentally friendly, cost-appropriate products for urban water management and low-impact development.

  • Get space efficient storage with urban green infrastructure solutions.

    Space Efficient Storage

    Minimize your excavation and maximize your storage. Get subsurface stormwater storage products in order to detain, harvest, or reuse runoff.

  • Ferguson Waterworks offers a variety of filters and screens for your stormwater project.

    Filters and Screens

    We provide mechanical filters and screens for both surface green infrastructure and subsurface storage systems.

  • Media and biofiltration products assist in urban green infrastructure projects.

    Media and Biofiltration

    We provide mechanical filters and screens for both surface green infrastructure and subsurface storage systems.

  • Ferguson Waterworks offers stormwater solutions for every urban surface.

    Alternative Surfaces

    Water management on urban surfaces is imperative to avoid ponding and parking lot flooding. Our products offer effcient infiltration into native soils and reduce the amount of piping and drainage required on-site.

Urban Green Infrastructure solutions from Ferguson Waterworks for discrete stormwater solutions.

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Protecting Pittsburgh's Water - A Case Study

Get first-hand accounts of our experience designing, developing, and supplying Urban Green Infrastructure Support in partnership with Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. Together, we improved the natural resources of the ‘Steel City’.

Case Study - Pittsburgh's Water

Learn about green solutions for urban stormwater management

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