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Explore real-life challenges faced by trade professionals and contractors across a range of industries, and learn how Ferguson Waterworks facilitated solutions to help them achieve success.

old route 17 rehab hx165-geogrid and gabions hero

New York's Old Route 17 and the Redhouse Bridge were in need of an overhaul in order to meet NYDOT safety standards. We helped get the job done with a rugged, American-made geogrid for road stabilization that was compliant with NYDOT specifications.

Learn about how we saved our customer $4,000,000 using high strength geotextile.

High Strength Geotextile

To make the acreage useable for heavy hauling at a New Jersey Windport, it was necessary to overload the subsoils with a large embankment of fill, reinforced with high-strength geotextile fabric, to accelerate the settling anticipated with the fine-grained saturated soils.

A vegetated beemat installed in Armory Pond, NC by a student studying its impact on reducing algae blooms.

A student at NC State University studies the impact of strategically placing Beemats Floating Wetlands to reduce algae blooms and excess nutrients

Products: Beemats
Wawa gas station with impervious surfaces uses R-Tank for storing stormwater underground.

With little to no permeable surfaces at a new Wawa Gas Station, engineers work with Ferguson Waterworks to install an underground stormwater storage tank.

Vegetated beemats in local lake, helping to reduce phosphorous and nitrogen.

Strategically placed floating wetlands substantially reduce phosphorous and nitrogen in local lake - improving water quality, enhancing recreational activities, and discouraging algae blooms

Beemats, biological filter for runoff, lining a retention pond

A biological filter for runoff was added to a heavily used drainage basin to improve water quality before entering the Chesapeake Bay.

Products: Beemats
Case studies - Results of using permeable pavers to meet stormwater requirements & extend a parking lot in Norfolk, VA

Explore how we used durable permeable pavers to meet stormwater requirements and extend a government client’s parking lot square footage.

Results of biofiltration system that reduced parking lot ponding in Salem, MA - more case studies from Ferguson Waterworks

Examine how a space-saving biofiltration system reduced parking lot ponding, slowed discharge rate and increased water quality for important wildlife at a historical site.

Case studies - this Focalpoint biofiltration system met stormwater requirements and maximized parking spaces

FocalPoint increases available parking at a new medical center with visually appealing solutions that meet stormwater requirements

Case studies - Results of a successful timber wall replacement in Mechanicsville, VA

See how replacing a bowing timber wall with high-performance turf reinforcement mats resolved a precarious situation and protected a hill from erosion.

Case studies - results of substation stabilization on an emergency spillway, slope and outfall channel in Eastern Virginia

Discover how a substation resolved costly erosion issues on an emergency spillway, slope and outfall channel with permanent erosion control that held up to a hurricane.

Results of replacing a parking lot's failing concrete stormwater chamber with cost-efficient R-Tank Modules.

After discovering their parking lot's concrete stormwater system was failing, this client turns to Ferguson Waterworks for cost-efficient stormwater solutions

Case studies - results from a cost-effective subsurface system with HS-25 loading requirements in Flushing, NY

Discover how a cost-effective subsurface stormwater management system met HS25 loading requirements for a new home improvement store’s parking lot in Flushing, NY

Case studies - Results of urban green infrastructure projects in partnership with Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

Explore a range of enhanced urban green infrastructure projects in partnership with Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority and others that improved the Steel City’s natural resources.

Case studies - Results of cost-effective scourlok retention wall in Hornell, NY

Find out how a cost-effective retention wall was quickly installed to protect an existing water main between two water tanks.

Products: SCOURLOK™
Restoration Case studies - Prince William County took on the challenge of permanently protecting a stream bank in Virginia

In response to pervasive scouring and erosion, Prince William County took on the challenge of permanently protecting a stream bank in Virginia.

Case studies - Gravel parking is replaced with permeable paving system to reduce clogging and maintenance in Baltimore, MD

iscover how a budget-friendly permeable paving system reduced clogging and maintenance after stormwater repeatedly damaged a gravel parking lot.

Virginia Department of Transportation stabilized pipe outfall on a busy two-lane road without shutting down traffic - VDOT Case Studies

Learn how the Virginia Department of Transportation stabilized pipe outfall on a busy two-lane road without shutting down traffic.

Stormwater solutions that increase accessibility, usability, and safety such as this case study of the Lincoln Street Boat Launch.

Ferguson Waterworks customizes comprehensive stormwater solutions for the Lincoln Street Boat Launch. As a result, reducing erosion, preventing parking lot ponding, and improving accessibility, usability, and safety.

Case studies involving focal point bioretention systems

Learn how a micro-bioretention stormwater system qualified for a grant by serving as both stormwater management and an interactive educational tool.

Digging a trench during the Cape Coral North 2 utilities expansion project to install bold and gold filtration media.

During a utility expansion project, the city of Cape Coral, FL implements new stormwater biofiltration solutions in order to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from runoff.

Pulled from Ferguson Waterworks' case studies, a glance of the ACB Ohio creek watershed project midway through

Discover what steps were taken by the city of Norfolk, VA, to reduce flooding events impacting two historic neighborhoods in a watershed area.

InterAx Geogrid installed at a container yard for subgrade stabilization.

Ferguson provides design assistance to reduce stone fill and enhance subgrade stabilization for the container yard

EcoBloxx Installation for residential erosion control.

Ferguson Geo and Stormwater provided an aesthetically pleasing residential erosion control solution that addressed runoff, permeability, and dwelling access.

Blue Elk Solar construction site location in the process of constructing temporary access roads.

When an abundance of rainfall made it difficult to construct temporary access roads for a project site, contractors called upon the experts at Ferguson Waterworks.

IMPA Solar Park overview with revitalized sandy soils.

To revitalize the depleted, sandy soils at a new solar site, Ferguson Waterworks consulted with partner Profile® Products to analyze the soil and create a custom solution.

Products: Biotic Soil
wv dep aml hero

When an Abandoned Mine Land reclamation project cannot establish vegetation, Ferguson Waterworks develops a custom blend of soil additives that compensates for the soil, sun exposure, and high winds.

pandora compressor station hero

When a steep slope struggles to maintain vegetation and has severe erosion, Ferguson Waterworks steps in, provides a custom solution, and generates sustainable vegetation within four months.

Products: Biotic Soil
boone county transmission line hero

The slopes of a newly established access road were resistant to develop vegetation. Ferguson Waterworks steps in to analyze the soil and provide effective and fast coverage.

Products: Biotic Soil
An area of the San Juan Mountains that is revegetated thanks to custom biotic amendments from Ferguson Waterworks.

Learn how biotic soil amendments re-established vegetation in Silverton, Colorado - a retired mining site turned recreational area

Learn how Stormcrete solved standing water safety issue for the City of Doral.

Installation of the R-Tank, a subsurface stormwater storage device.

A small-footprint subsurface stormwater storage system freed up space in a busy parking lot and saved the contractor precious time and money.

See how Ferguson Waterworks resolved ditch flooding and erosion next to a busy street in Naples, Florida.

FocalPoint helps reduce traditional gray infrastructure, meanwhile accommodating stormwater BMPs and treating runoff before it enters the surrounding wetlands

Solar Farm Mount Jackson

Learn how Ferguson Waterworks addressed some concerning erosion problems on a solar farm in Mt. Jackson, VA.

Products: ShearForce
Case studies - Contractors mitigated runoff at a solar farm in Roanoke Rapids, NC

See how contractors mitigated erosion and sediment runoff at a solar farm in Roanoke Rapids, NC.

Products: ShearForce
Case studies - results from installing permeable paving & machine technology to get an abandoned site and parking lot up to stormwater code

In order to revitalize and meet stormwater codes, the abandoned parking area at the Shoppes at Fashion Square in Orlando, FL, required updates. With a permeable paving system and machine technology, we helped the client achieve their goals, save $1 million, and complete the project in just 10 days.

Case Studies

From solving challenging application issues to severe weather response, there is no better partner than Ferguson Waterworks. Let our past performance speak for itself.

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