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AquaBlok® Sealing System

Aquatic Clay Sealing And Delivery System

AquaBlok® Sealing System is an easy-to-install sealing and delivery system that is beneficial for geotechnical applications. For example, man-made ponds, lining landfills, wetland restoration, and more. Due to its ease of installation, this product is often used for containment, sediment remediation, and other aquatic sealing applications such as leaks in man-made ponds or bodies of water with inadequate soil.

Resembling small stones, when dry, the product has an aggregate core and is coated in bentonite clay. However, other clay minerals or clay-sized materials can be incorporated to meet project requirements. In addition, other parameters like particle size and clay content can be modified as needed. Once AquaBlok® Sealing System becomes wet, the clay later expands to create a seal that is highly impermeable sealant later.

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