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Over the last few years, we’ve addressed a growing focus on green technologies. Subsequently, we have expanded our services and products to reflect the needs of our communities. Because we strive to better serve you and your municipalities, we offer a suite of high-performance, cost-appropriate, and low-maintenance solutions in the Green Stormwater Infrastructure and low-impact development space.


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Design Assistance

Our regional engineers and designers are well-versed in local regulations and innovative green street applications. Putting customers first, we ensure our experts are available to develop site-specific solutions with you. Whether your project requires one product or many, rely on your Ferguson Waterworks team. Our in-house CAD experts produce high-quality custom layouts and details that support permitting and construction efforts. From AutoCAD to HydroCAD, we have a variety of design tools to simplify and expedite permitting processes.

Jobsite Support

Our experts provide support during your entire project. From submittal to installation, we are here for you. In fact, we will prepare comprehensive submittal packages, host pre-construction meetings to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page, and offer direct support to the contractors on-site. As a result, we help you see the project through while mitigating setbacks and maintaining budgets.

New Product Development

We’re committed to innovation. That is why we manufacture a variety of geosynthetic products like custom liners for stormwater management systems. We work collaboratively with municipalities to develop green stormwater solutions that optimize performance and reduce maintenance efforts. From concept-level industrial design and prototyping to testing and implementation, we support the process from start to finish.

Municipal/Developer/Public Engagement

We help municipalities and developers identify candidate locations for green infrastructure and innovative stormwater retrofits. To support the location selection process, we create site-specific illustrations and concept layouts, and sketchbooks in order to craft the vision for opportunities to deploy our systems. Furthermore, support grant-funded projects and public education efforts to increase awareness concerning clean water and resiliency.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Product Offerings

An Emerging Leader In Green Stormwater Infrastructure And Low Impact Development

Space efficient storage offered by urban green infrastructure
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Space-Efficient Storage

Minimize your excavation; maximize your storage. Our offerings in subsurface stormwater storage allow for detention, harvest, and reuse or infiltration into the native soil. Our experts accommodate complex footprints and arrangements to manage stormwater volume on both private site developments and linear green street projects.

Filters and screens for low-impact developement and urban green infrastructure

Filters and Screens

We provide mechanical filters and screens for both surface green infrastructure and subsurface storage systems. As a result, systems have superior protection from debris and effectively reduce the cost and frequency of stormwater asset maintenance. Furthermore, we work collaboratively with customers and often develop custom designs that generate city solutions and project-specific challenges—from sediment to more complex pollutants.

Media and biofiltration products from Ferguson Waterworks help maintain urban green spaces big and small

Media and Biofiltration

We offer high-performance and aesthetically pleasing vegetated and media-based treatments in order to cut down on pollutants entering downstream waterbodies and natural resources. Our products feature smaller footprints and as a result, provide designers maximum flexibility and fit for spaces too small for traditional rain gardens or bioretention systems.

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Alternative Surfaces

As alternatives to traditional pavements, we offer a variety of unique porous and permeable surfaces. Designed to convey water rapidly down through surfaces, our offerings allow efficient infiltration into native soils and reduces the amount of piping and drains required on a site.

Urban Landscapes

Urban Landscapes are the complete green infrastructure solution for managing stormwater runoff. Designed specially for space-limited urban setting, with a wide variety of product options available.

Case Studies

From solving challenging application issues to severe weather response, there is no better partner than Ferguson Waterworks. Let our past performance speak for itself.

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