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High Strength Geotextiles And Geogrids

Offering High-Quality Geosynthetic Capabilities

In general, high-strength Geotextiles & Geogrids (such as Uniaxial Geogrids, Biaxial Geogrids, and Tensar InterAx® Geogrids) provide stabilization for retaining walls, roadways, and steepened slopes. Furthermore, geotextile fabrics and geogrid products allow customers to build steeper slopes while reducing the base of the embankment. As a result, geogrid retaining walls and other applications require fewer aggregates, therefore saving time and money. Lastly, these geosynthetic products resist ultraviolet degradation and mitigate differential settlement from dissimilar subsoil conditions. Our team of experts is here to discuss your project. From wall supports to ground grids and filtration, we supply high-quality and affordable Geo & Stormwater products.

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