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Coconut Erosion Control Products

A Dense Fiber Matrix For Long Slopes And Inflows

Ferguson Waterworks offers a wide variety of Coconut Erosion Control Products because coconut is a strong erosion barrier. Commonly used in erosion control blankets, wattles, and mats, it is a popular material for many professional applications. Such applications include protecting slopes, channels, and areas vulnerable to erosion. Coconut erosion control materials nurture vegetation, providing more permanent erosion control. Ferguson Waterworks also stocks jute, straw, and excelsior erosion control products.

Coconut Erosion Nets

Nets, which hold together the fiber matrix of an erosion control blanket, include photodegradable and biodegradable options. Photodegradable products break down by UV rays over time. Biodegradable products break down by biological processes and are considered more wildlife-friendly.

Fiber matrix materials include straw, coconut, or a mixture of both. Coconut Erosion Control Products are recommended for long slopes and inflows because they tend to be denser. However, the density of the coconut may slow vegetation. If vegetation growth is the goal, consider accelerated photodegradable nets with shorter lifespans.

Coconut Coir Logs

Coconut coir logs offer perimeter protection, inlet protection, and permanent erosion control in areas where the desired vegetation will not establish a root structure–for example, turf grass at the top of a slope around golf course ponds. Furthermore, coir logs prevent future erosion. Coconut coir logs are also commonly used at the interfaces of dissimilar materials and as breakpoints on longer slopes.

Features and benefits of coconut coir logs:

  • Temporary coconut coir logs are reusable.
  • Vegetated coir logs establish a specific and beneficial plant community more quickly and help prevent invasive species.

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