Concrete Canvas

Specialty Erosion Control And Containment Products

Created specifically for erosion control and containment applications, Concrete Canvas products are part of a revolutionary class of new, innovative materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats. Concrete Canvas is a flexible, concrete-filled geosynthetic which provides a thin and durable concrete layer when hydrated. The geosynthetic is a combination of a 3D fiber matrix geotextile, which also reinforces the concrete once hydrated, with PVC backing to ensure the material is completely waterproof.

Primary Applications for Concrete Canvas:

  • Channel Lining
  • Lagoon Lining
  • Culvert Lining
  • Concrete Repair
  • Slope Protection

Concrete Canvas installs up to 10x faster than traditional concrete. It is available in 3 thicknesses: 5mm, 8mm, and 13mm. For slopes 1:1 and steeper, this geotextile can be used with percussion anchors to offer additional protection. Because Concrete Canvas can not be over-hydrated, it can be installed in wet weather conditions and underwater. It is highly impermeable with a hydraulic conductivity of better than 1 x 10^-11 m/s. Lastly, it has a high-visibility welding strip that allows joints to be thermally bonded where required.

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