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Sediment Control Dewatering Bags

Pumped Water Bag

Dewatering Bags remove silt, sand, and other debris from pumped water thus taking the complexity out of sediment control. Where traditional non-woven Dewatering Bags fail, high-strength, high-flow pumped water bags are the answer. Furthermore, this solution is cost-effective for everyday site use and is commonly utilized in environmental and coastal applications.

Dewatering Bags, such as the DirtBag, protect surrounding streams, property, storm sewers, and other receiving waters from pollution. Each standard bag has a large fill spout to accommodate a 4” discharge hose. In addition, straps attach to secure the hose. This prevents pumped water from escaping before it is filtered. To increase the filtration efficiency, place the bag on an aggregate or haybale bed. Consequently, the surface area of the bag optimizes the water flow. To note, flow and removal rates depend on the size of the dirtbag, sediment discharged, and the surface under the bag. On average, a 15×15 dirtbag passes up to 500 gallons of water per minute.

Primary Applications:
  • Sediment control for pumped dewatering
  • Consolidation of both sludge and other environmental remediation
  • Revetment and basal reinforcement at dams and levees (when filled with solids)
How to Use Dewatering Bags:
  • Firstly, monitor dewatering Bags at all times during use because overfilling may cause a rupture
  • To increase the flow rate, place the dewatering bags on aggregate, straw bales, or other porous surfaces
  • The dirtbag is full when it no longer efficiently passes water at a reasonable rate; To note, flow and removal rates vary based on particle size and sediment composition
Features and Benefits:
  • Available in both standard and project-specific sizes, including applications with multiple pumps
  • High tensile strength seams prevent blowouts which are, in fact, the most common source of dewatering bag failure
  • For higher performance in sensitive receiving waters, utilize it with the Interface H20 FlocHog and FlocLogs
  • Custom Dewatering Bags are available with either woven or nonwoven geotextile fabrics in almost any size, dimension, or fabric weight

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