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Filter Soxx

Rainwater Filtration And Sediment Trap

Filter Soxx, also known as SiltSoxx, is a mesh tube filled with filter media. In general, it stops silt and sediment from leaving the job site and keeps customers in compliance. SiltSoxx is three-dimensional and tubular and therefore traps sediment more efficiently in comparison to other products. Furthermore, customers can use it instead of a silt fence for perimeter control of sediment and soluble pollutants. For example, phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons. Implement it on and around construction activities.

Filter Soxx stops pollutants in two ways:

  1. Deposition sediment settles out as water ponds behind the barrier
  2. Filtration sediment is trapped as water passes through the barrier

Primary applications for SiltSoxx:

Install this sediment control solution downslope of any disturbed area requiring erosion and sediment control. In addition, use it to filter soluble pollutants from runoff. This product is most effective when installed perpendicular to a sheet or low-concentrated flow.  Furthermore, it’s commonly used in areas where a silt fence is normally considered appropriate.

Features and benefits of SiltSoxx:

In nature, rainfall is detained and infiltrated into the ground. Then, it is naturally filtered. Comparatively, SiltSoxx mimics nature by replicating this filtration on the surface. Use slope interruption on hill slopes to slow runoff velocity, dispense concentrated runoff, and reduce effective slope lengths; thereby reducing the erosive potential of stormwater runoff. Lastly, the tubular filtration matrix allows for better trapping and removal of both sediment and soluble pollutants in stormwater runoff. This is especially true when compared to planar-constructed sediment control devices (i.e., silt fences).

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