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Paper Mulch, Wood Mulch, and Mulch Blends

Select from Premium, High-Performance Mulch

When it comes to Ferguson Waterworks’ robust selection of premium hydro and hydraulic mulches, hydroseeding professionals can expect enhanced coverage and swift germination. Furthermore, our high-quality hydro mulch and hydraulic mulches are proven to yield faster establishment. Get the exact mulch composition required for the job at hand: paper, wood, or a specialty blend.

Hydraulic Mulch is ideal for a variety of hydroseeding applications. For example, golf courses, highway work, landfills, reclamation projects, and recreational areas. Ferguson Waterworks offers a variety of mulch products to ensure customers get the solutions best suited for their specific application.

In addition to these blends, customers can incorporate other soil amendments, like tackifiers, into their mulch.

Hydraulically applied mulch products include:

  • Straw Tackifier
  • Cellulose Fiber Mulch
  • Wood Fiber Mulch
  • Wood Fiber Blend Mulch
  • Easy Mix Premium Mulch for Jet Machines
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix
Hydraulic, Grade-A, recycled paper mulches from Ferguson Waterworks for professionals

Paper Mulches: Profile® Cellulose

This hydraulic mulch is 100% grade-A recycled paper. It is ideal for general seeding and has a maximum slope length of 15 feet. Due to its high-quality fibers, it mixes with water at an accelerated rate, offering long suspension. As a result, it is more uniform in its consistency.

Paper Mulch with Tackifier is also available. Pre-blended and non-toxic, it provides extra holding power which then protects the seeds from washing or eroding.

Profile Wood Mulches from Ferguson Waterworks

Wood Mulches: Profile® Wood

Delivering up to 50% more water-holding capacity and germination, this extraordinary Wood Mulch offers customers maximum soil coverage, resulting in a greater value. Ferguson Waterworks’ Wood Mulch is made with Thermally Refined® recycled wood fibers.

Add Tackifier to enhance binding and prevent erosion.

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Mulch Blends: Profile® Blend

Mulch Blends combine 100% Thermally Refined® wood fibers with the highest quality cellulose, paper, and fiber. Compared to others, our specialty Mulch Blend offers superior germination, reduced washouts, and fewer callbacks.

  • Easy to Mix
  • Consistent and Smooth Dispensing
  • Uniform Coverage
  • Rapid Water Absorption

Tackifier Mulch Blends are available for increased moisture retention and survival rates. Furthermore, tackifier blends reduce friction in the hydraulic hose and increase the distance of the slurry distribution.

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