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Transition Mats

Superior Control For Highly Erosive Areas

Transition Mats are flexible plastic units that can help bridge Hard Armor and other vegetated rolled erosion control materials. They excel at protecting highly erosive areas. For example, shoreline transition zones, channel bottoms, pipe outlets, or pedestrian pathways. Transition Mats may be used on their own or paired with other erosion control solutions. Ferguson Waterworks offers North American Green ShoreMax and InstaTurf ShearForce Mats.

A newly installed Northern American Green Shoremax transition mat

North American Green ShoreMax

This dark green resilient rubber transition mat accommodates drainage with 1.25” round apertures. This North American Green product is often used with other rolled erosion control products below it to prevent soil loss during vegetation. It can also be used in applications where vegetation doesn’t occur.

Primary Applications:

  • Shorelines
  • Culvert and Pipe Outfalls
  • Wave Attack Zones

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-buoyant: won’t float or uplift in submerged conditions
  • Designed with “spikes” that bite into the underlayment to prevent horizontal shifting
  • With proper underlayment, can offer comparable protection to hard armor
A newly installed Instaturf Shearforce with simulated turf for instant appeal

InstaTurf ShearForce

InstaTurf ShearForce is a hybrid-turf instant armor mat. It features a green simulated turf layer that provides protection and an attractive appearance from the moment of installation. The simulated grass blades of the turf deflect rainfall impact and flow-induced shear stresses. In addition, they substantially reduce erosive forces acting on the underlying soil. The lightweight geotextile backing layer protects the seed and fertilizer until emergence for a lush, natural look long-term.

Primary Applications:

  • Outfall Protection
  • Channel Lining
  • Slope Protection
  • Downspout Splash Pads
  • Anywhere initial performance and appearance is paramount

Features and Benefits:

  • Immediately provides a vegetated appearance
  • Unvegetated performance is much higher than conventional TRMs
  • ShearForce10 comes in lightweight rolls for easy installation
  • ShearForce12 comes in lightweight mats for more robust protection
  • Cost-effective versus other hard armor solutions

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