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Turbidity Barriers

Sediment Containment for Protected Areas

Ferguson Waterworks stocks a variety of high-quality Turbidity Barriers, also known as Turbidity Curtains or Silt Curtains. Our inventory includes a range of sizes to ensure proper depth and length. Turbidity Barriers are recommended for construction sites located in protected areas if the site is recorded to have only light winds. Furthermore, water current velocities need to be less than one foot per second. If these two variables are met, then sediment control Turbidity Curtains may be the perfect solution.

Ferguson Waterworks carries a comprehensive selection of silt fences and other erosion control products.

Floating Turbidity Barriers

These floating silt barriers keep the top edge of the barrier above water level. They have a top floatation boom with an impervious fabric curtain extending downward, beneath the water. In addition, each curtain is held in place by a heavy, galvanized steel chain which is sealed in the hem of the curtain. This ballast ensures the curtain remains vertical in the water. When paired with an anchoring system such as stakes or concrete blocks, this impermeable barrier will prevent sediment from escaping the body of water.

All hems are sewn around a rope and grommet. When applications require multiple Turbidity Barriers, take advantage of these easy-to-use connections.

Staked Turbidity Curtains

Use Staked Turbidity Curtains in shallow water to control sediment. These erosion control curtains are available in the standard depth of 5 feet, however, custom depths are also available.

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