Remove Nitrogen And Phosphorus In Runoff With Our State-Approved Biofiltration Media

Senate Bill 7040, also known as the Statewide Stormwater Rule, requires engineers in Florida to further reduce the nitrogen and phosphorus levels in stormwater runoff. Bold & Gold® is a patented, biosorption-activated media that is ready to stand up to the new regulations. It is approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Water Management Districts. This media was specifically designed to reduce pollutants in groundwater and surface water discharges. Use it for nutrient removal for TMDLs and ERPs.

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Stand Up To Strict Stormwater Regulations With Bmps That Simply Work

Ferguson honors its commitment to the environment and simplifies our customers’ sustainability journey by providing efficient, adaptable, and resilient products. In addition to natural components including sand and clay, BOLD & GOLD® filtration media contains iron filings or 99.9% metal-free recycled crumb rubber.

  • Sand filters suspended solids and harmful colloidal bacteria.
  • Recycled tires both impact surface area and contribute carbon to the denitrification process.
  • Clay adsorbs phosphorus and retains moisture within the media to provide the right environment for denitrification.
  • Iron filings absorb dissolved phosphorus.

The Nitrification Cycle:
Organic Nitrogen → Ammonia → Nitrate → Nitrite → Nitrogen Gas

Bold & Gold® Filtration Media

Industry-Leading Stormwater BMP For Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Bacteria Removal

BOLD & GOLD Filtration Media is a biosorption-activated media (BAM). It is patented at The University of Central Florida’s Stormwater Management Academy. Apply the media to a wide variety of stormwater, wastewater, and agricultural best management practices (BMPs) in order to enhance pollutant removal discharges to groundwater and surface water bodies.

Benefits of Bold & Gold Filtration Media:

  • Use for nutrient removal for TMDLs and ERPs
  • Improves water quality with average annual removal rates up to 95% of phosphorus, 80% of nitrogen, and 90% of bacteria in runoff
  • Contains no organics—will not decompose
  • Optimizes developable space by reducing the reliance on traditional BMPs to meet pollutant requirements
  • Manufactured under strict quality control practices to ensure consistent performance
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Use in conjunction with common Green Infrastructure practices
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Service life of up to 50 years for both nitrogen and bacteria removal
  • Laboratory studies show the removal of PFAS in Gold & Bold blends targeting nitrogen and phosphorous removal
  • Florida engineers can rest easy knowing this product is approved by both the Water Management Districts and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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Bold and Gold® is an advanced biosorption-activated media (BAM) for water treatment. It removes nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria (both E. coli and fecal coliform), and total suspended solids (TSS) from water. Bold & Gold® removes pollutants as water moves through the media. “Bio” is the biological reaction, or in other words, the denitrification process that removes nitrogen. “Sorption”, on the other hand, is the adsorption process that removes dissolved phosphorus. Furthermore, a biological process requires living organisms to remove the nitrogen. Note that the sorption process occurs only through physical contact between the water and the media.


Bold & Gold® is sand, clay, recycled tires, iron filings, and sawdust. The components are blended in different mix designs to make up the six Bold & Gold® blends. Please note that the only blend with organics (sawdust) is the On-Site Wastewater Blend. That means all additional Bold & Gold Filtration Media contain NO ORGANICS. As a result, they provide a long life cycle and prevent decomposition.

  • Sand filters suspended solids and harmful colloidal bacteria.
  • Recycled tires both impact surface area and contribute carbon to the denitrification process.
  • Clay adsorbs phosphorus and retains moisture within the media to provide the right environment for denitrification.
  • Iron filings absorb dissolved phosphorus.
The Six Bold & Gold Blends®:


Bold & Gold Filtration Media removes nitrogen through denitrification. Furthermore, the components in the media create the ideal anaerobic environment for the bacteria that facilitate denitrification. Then, the bacteria convert the nitrate form of nitrogen to an inert nitrogen gas. After that, the nitrogen gas transpires into the atmosphere. Nitrogen in gaseous form is naturally in the atmosphere and is not harmful to the environment. Moreover, its removal rates are a factor of residency time. To explain, the longer the water is in contact with the media, the more nitrate is converted to nitrogen gas. The minimum contact time for nitrogen removal to occur in stormwater is fifteen minutes.

Here is the Nitrification Cycle:

Organic Nitrogen → Ammonia → Nitrate → Nitrite → Nitrogen Gas

Bold & Gold® For On-Site Wastewater Applications

In septic tank effluent, the form of nitrogen present is ammonia. To note, ammonia can only convert to nitrate/nitrite through the aerobic process of nitrification. This means oxygen must be present. Converting nitrate/nitrite to nitrogen gas requires an anaerobic environment and is termed denitrification. On-site wastewater should first travel through an aerobic zone for nitrification. Then an anaerobic zone for denitrification.

Bold & Gold® For Wastewater Applications

Nitrogen that discharges from wastewater treatment facilities is typically in the form of nitrates/nitrites when it reaches the discharge point. Bold & Gold® converts the nitrates/nitrites to nitrogen gas before being discharged to the groundwater through infiltration or surface waterbodies.

Bold & Gold® For Stormwater Applications

In most cases, fertilizers are the biggest contributors to the nitrogen form present in stormwater. Fertilizers typically contain the nitrate/nitrite form of nitrogen so it is available as food for plant uptake. Excess nutrients are generally washed away by stormwater. Bold & Gold® removes the excess nutrients by creating an anaerobic environment for denitrification to take place. In our resources section, there are several studies monitoring the effectiveness of Bold & Gold® in stormwater applications. Here’s one, for example: Nitrogen Transport and Transformation Beneath Stormwater Retention Basins in Karst Areas and Effectiveness of Stormwater Best Management Practices for Reducing Nitrate Leaching to Ground Water


A sorption process removes phosphorous. To explain, as polluted water filters through Bold & Gold®, the phosphorus attaches itself to the media. In addition to the sorption process, there is also precipitation, ion exchange, and filtration. Together, they aid in removing additional phosphorus. One pound of Bold & Gold® filtration media holds 91 mg of dissolved phosphorus.


Physical filtration removes bacteria. Bacteria trapped in the Bold & Gold® media die through a process called lysing. Bold & Gold® is more effective in comparison to a typical sand filter because of the surface area of the clay; in addition to the recycled tire which traps bacteria. Sand doesn’t have a lot of surface area, thus it traps fewer bacteria.


Installation practices depend on the type of BMP where Bold & Gold® is used. Bold & Gold® blends are like any other aggregate material. For example, move Bold & Gold® around the worksite with standard construction equipment like front-end loaders or backhoes. Furthermore, install it per the compaction standard set forth by the design engineer. Ferguson Waterworks recommends spreading the media with rack equipment to prevent over-compaction. Even though it is acceptable to drive over Bold & Gold®, be careful not to over-compact the media. When using Bold & Gold® in traffic-loaded applications, follow the compaction instructions set forth by the design engineer. Your Ferguson Waterworks sales representative is always available for specific guidance on your project and application.


Bold & Gold® filters include a layer of clean-washed sand or growth media placed on top of the media. This layer operates as a pretreatment. It captures gross solids and total suspended solids. If the top layer becomes clogged with sediment or fines, then we recommend discing the material to regenerate the permeability. Alternatively, remove the top layer and replace it with new material. The goal is to protect the Bold & Gold® media, therefore, eliminating the need for replacement due to clogging.

Replace Bold & Gold® once it reaches its expected service life for dissolved phosphorus.

Since phosphorus has a sorption capacity, it is the limiting factor and, in other words, determines the system’s lifespan. When all the pore spaces in the media are taken up by phosphorus, it exhausts the media. At this point, it requires replacement.


For larger projects, we deliver Bold & Gold® in standard dump trucks. If a project site has limited space for storage, then there is an option to package Bold & Gold® in super sacks. This is also available for projects that require smaller quantities. Talk to your Ferguson Waterworks sales associate to determine the best delivery method for your project.


The loading concentration of phosphorus determines the lifespan of Bold & Gold®. Since phosphorus has a sorption capacity, it is the limiting factor and therefore determines the lifespan. When all the pore spaces in the media are taken up by phosphorus, it exhausts the media. At this point, it requires replacement. Please note that one pound of Bold & Gold® Filtration Media holds 91mg OP. Typically, we size the Bold & Gold® to have the same lifespan as the BMP it is working in conjunction with.

Bold & Gold® has no life expectancy for nitrogen removal.

This is because of the denitrification removal process. The bacteria that convert the nitrogen are present in native soils, however, the population of bacteria in the Bold & Gold® media is much higher than populations in native soils as a result of the anaerobic condition of the media. If an anaerobic environment is maintained, then the denitrification process continues. Bold & Gold® has a residual moisture content of 21 days without the introduction of water because of the clay content in the media. If the media goes into an aerobic state, then bacteria become inactive. When the anaerobic conditions return, it takes about 12 hours for the bacteria to repopulate and resume the denitrification process.


Bold & Gold® is manufactured by Certified Suppliers strategically located throughout the country. We carefully select manufacturing locations to service the needs of our customers. Typically, there is a manufacturing site within 100 miles of any project location. As a result, pickup and deliveries are cost-effective.


Typically, pugmills or similar blending equipment manufacture Bold & Gold®. Furthermore, strict quality control conditions are set to ensure each blend meets the patent requirements of the University of Central Florida before being shipped to a project site. In addition, each component material in Bold & Gold® blends goes through extensive testing. As a result, they are certain to meet both the physical and chemical properties necessary for the media to work. As a result of this quality control process, every Bold & Gold® blend performs consistently on every project. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Supplier of Bold & Gold® Filtration Media, then please contact Ferguson Waterworks.


No. The Stormwater Management Academy at the University of Central Florida developed and patented Bold & Gold®. Ferguson Enterprises is licensed to manufacture and sell the media nationwide in stormwater, wastewater, and agricultural applications.


No. Recycled tire crumb or tire chip is not considered toxic. The manufacturer certifies the tire in Bold & Gold® to be 99.9% metal-free. Furthermore, the water treated by our media is not treated to drinking water standards, and therefore, is not held to the same toxicity standards. The Acute Toxicity of Ground Recycled Automobile Tires on Aquatic Life with Model Species, P. Promelas, overviews the leaching characteristics of this material and its impacts. Reference our robust resources section for additional research.


The engineering services team at Ferguson Waterworks is available to assist engineers. We will help determine which Bold & Gold® Blend best meets your project requirements. Our recommendations consider both the type of BMPs being used and also the specific pollutants of concern.


Ferguson Enterprises is currently selling Bold & Gold® Filtration Media in the southeast United States in stormwater and wastewater applications. We are interested in working with research institutions, municipalities, and property owners to conduct pilot research projects – especially as we expand both the geographic footprint and applications that use Bold & Gold®. If you are interested in using Bold & Gold® for a research project, then please contact Ferguson Waterworks.

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Use Bold & Gold® for a reliable, low-maintenance, and cost-efficient BMP solution that largely reduces nitrogen and phosphorus in stormwater runoff. Our engineering team is available to assist with designing and sizing the HPFS per application requirements.

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