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The Urban Raingarden™

Developed by Porous Technologies, Distributed by Ferguson Waterworks

The Urban Raingarden™ is the complete green infrastructure solution for managing stormwater runoff in space-limited urban settings. The fully customizable, precast concrete biofiltration system is designed to capture, reduce, and treat stormwater runoff; improve water quality; and enhance streetscapes.

Adaptable for Any Space
Built from a system of interconnected precast concrete T-walls, or L-walls, the Urban RainGarden can be sized and configured to address the demands of any residential, commercial, or municipal application. Furthermore, it installs to your exact specifications without the use of a crane.

A Simpler Solution
While many curbside urban vegetated surface treatment systems rely on deep-curb perimeters or cast-in-place concrete walls, The Urban Raingarden™ provides simplicity in both design and efficiency for the contractor by eliminating these methods.

Available in standard and enhanced configurations.

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