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Cartridge Based Filter Inserts

Filter Cartridges Deployed To Target Pollutants Of Concern

Ferguson Waterworks partners with Fabco Industries on a wide range of cartridge-based devices for stormwater filtration. From catch basin inserts to cartridge vaults and downspout filters, there are a variety of configurations to work with your project. Call a Ferguson Waterworks expert today and discuss customization options for preventing stormwater pollution.


Catch Basin Filtration System: StormBasin™

StormBasin is a catch basin insert filter that captures and treats stormwater pollutants commonly found in runoff. For example, debris, nutrients, coliform bacteria, oil/grease, and dissolved metals from parking lots or along roadways. This filtration system uses preassembled proprietary cartridge filters that can be customized to catch specific pollutants. Ferguson Waterworks offers two styles: round catch basins and rectangular catch basins – each is available in multiple sizes. As a result, the StormBasin works well with most storm drains and is an ideal solution for municipal storm drain retrofits.

Rectangular StormBasins: The rectangular stormwater basin unit includes a heavy-duty adjustable aluminum frame. The frame is up to 2 inches and works well in non-standard storm drain inlets, inlets with construction flaws, and inlets with obstacles such as ledges or shallow depths. In addition, the design includes a “hooded” bypass to reduce flooding concerns during heavy storm events.

Round StormBasins: The round stormwater basin unit does not include an adjustable frame. It does, however, come in multiple sizes: 24”, 26”, 28”, and 30” diameters.

Installation and maintenance for both the rectangular and round StormBasins are minimal. Simply remove trash and debris with a vactor hose.


StormSafe Cartridge Vaults

For centralized stormwater treatment, consider StormSafe Cartridge Vaults. These vaults use the same cartridge technology as the StormBasin, however, they are intended for centralized stormwater treatment. For example, they are often used for primary drainage areas. Between the cartridge technology and the pretreatment chamber, the StormSafe subsurface vault system is ideal for complex pollutants. It is also valuable for applications where trash removal is required. In part, this is due to the cartridge filter technology because it is able to be customized to remove various pollutants, like those found in parking areas, industrial facilities, and maintenance facilities.

How do StormSafe Cartridge Vaults work?
The runoff cartridge device is a multi-chamber vault. The first chamber is the pretreatment chamber where untreated water enters. Then, there is the filtration chamber where the desired filtration cartridges are located. The third part is the outlet chamber which contains the outfall pipe.

Firstly, runoff enters the system through the pretreatment chamber. Here, the heaviest pollutants are separated from the runoff and sink to the bottom. As the runoff fills the pretreatment area, it rises to pass into the filtration chamber. In order to keep any floatables and debris out of this chamber, a full-length hood covers the opening. In addition to removing any remaining trash, debris, and oil/grease, it also protects the cartridges. Once the water is filtered through the cartridges, it drops into the outlet chamber. Here, water exits the system free of pollutants.


Down Spout Filter

Filters for rooftop runoff are designed to treat particulates and soluble pollutants. This is important to protect local bodies of water and the environment from contamination. There is a reaction when water comes in contact with metal roofs, metal components, or metallic roof-mounted equipment. As a result, it can release soluble metals into the water supply. For example, metals like zinc, copper, lead, and aluminum can be carried by stormwater. Additional animal waste and particulate from industrial activities can collect on roofs and contribute to the polluted runoff. By using a stormwater downspout filter and other cartridge devices, we can protect the surrounding environment from harmful contaminants.

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