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Fabco Helix Filter

Reduce Coliform Bacteria in Stormwater, Industrial Wastewater, and Municipal Applications

The Fabco Helix Filter is a high-flow, horizontal stormwater filter for vaults or outfalls. Because it is equipped with a spiral helix, the runoff water has more surface area to connect with. As a result, the water receives increased treatment. Furthermore, it allows the system to maintain a high-flow rate while reducing the potential of clogs. When paired with FabGuard media, customers treat bacteria on a large scale. Select the filter length and diameter for each specified flow rate and application.

Key Advantages of the Fabco Helix Filter:

  • The horizontal design offers size flexibility
  • A spiral disk filter provides multiple flow paths
  • Maintains a high-flow rate of approximately 3 cubic feet per second
  • Single, double, and triple-column systems are available
  • Replaceable cartridges
  • Separates sediment with an inlet diffuser
  • Equipped with an overflow bypass

The 2-Step Treatment Process

Due to the 2-step treatment process, the Helix filters remain cleaner. In effect, it maintains high flow rates and reduces maintenance time and expense. To explain, the water first enters an inlet chamber where coarse pollutants are captured. This sediment separator is serviced from the surface using a Vac truck. Then, the water moves to the secondary treatment chamber which houses the Fabco Helix filter elements. 

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