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Commercial Silt Fence

Geotextile Filter Fence

A Commercial Silt Fence is a temporary device often found on construction sites. It allows water to filter through while holding sediment and other contaminants like trash and debris back. In doing so, Silt Fences help protect nearby bodies of water from pollutants, especially in areas like job sites where there is heavy sediment disturbance. When installing this product, it is critical to ensure that the right height, type of posts, and other factors are considered. In addition, proper product installment is vital to reduce the risk of failure.

Ferguson Waterworks stocks a variety of Commercial Silt Fence options such as DOT styles.

Features of Silt Fencing:

  • Light to medium-strength woven fabrics
  • Available with or without stakes, with custom stake spacing
  • Approved for commercial and DOT use in many states
  • Available heights: 24”, 36”, 42”
  • Wire backing is also available for improved performance
  • Orange, black, and other colors are available

Silt Fence is made of woven polypropylene material and is non-biodegradable. This engineered geotextile is stabilized to resist degradation due to ultraviolet exposure. Furthermore, it is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew, and insects. Polypropylene is stable within a pH range of 2 to 13, making it one of the most stable polymers available for geotextiles today.

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