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Erosion Eel

An environmentally-friendly silt fence and check dam alternative

Erosion Eel, by its very nature, functions to help prevent physical degradation of the environment by enhancing water quality. It is an environmentally friendly, low-impact erosion and sediment control device. It may be placed over multiple surfaces–for example, soil, asphalt, concrete, and surface rock. Increased flow rates through the filter material as compared to silt fence prevent localized flooding during storm events.

Erosion Eels are reusable within a project and can be moved to other project sites. They minimize the amount of new product manufacturing (involving extraction of natural resources and additional manufactured products into the environment). At the end of a use cycle, the rubber material can be cleaned and reused for producing new erosion eels.

Key Benefits of the Erosion Eel:

  • Easy installation, no trenching required
  • Durable, reusable, and easily moved
  • DOT approved in most states
  • Replaces silt fence, rock check dams, temporary diversion berms, and storm/inlet drain protection
  • The weight of the unit holds it securely to the curb surface

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