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Slope Stabilization And Scour Protection Products

Scourlock™ is for applications that need below-water scour protection, slope stabilization, and erosion control. It features rigid interlocking cells made of Geotex, a nonwoven geotextile, and Pyramat, a high-performance turf reinforcement mat. This unique design locks seeds in place for root development. Furthermore, it protects from hydraulic stresses and provides soil retention.

Scourlok™ resists extreme hydraulic and non-hydraulic stresses. For instance, stresses generated from:
  • Hydraulic Shear Stress and Velocity
  • Storm Overtopping
  • Scour
  • Debris Loading
  • Animal Loading
  • Maintenance Loading

Scourlok™ cells are suitable for various applications. For example, below water for scour protection and as a gabion alternative to forming a retaining wall. A benefit of this product is the cells can be filled with various media to fit the application, including reusing dirt from the site.

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