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Simulated Turf For Immediate Erosion Control

ShearForce 10 is a soft armoring erosion control product consisting of a green, simulated turf backed with an engineered geotextile fabric. The simulated turf slows water flow and protects the ground from erosion. In addition, the fabric holds the soil and seed in place and protects the root mass as vegetation establishes. Often used in place of riprap or traditional turf reinforcement mats, TRMs, this product is designed to facilitate vegetation and combat erosion in high-flow applications such as channels, canals, swales, basins, and roadside ditches.

The product protects against erosion by reinforcing the roots once vegetated. It also offers more than 3x the immediate erosion protection compared to conventional TRMs.

ShearForce 10 is available in lightweight roll sizes: 3ft x 45ft and 6ft x 45ft.

Key Advantages:

  • More user-friendly and cost-efficient than rock riprap
  • Maintenance-free and mowable
  • Easy to install – simply lay and anchor it
  • Appropriate for tight quarters where machinery won’t fit
  • Provides immediate protection against erosion
  • Environmentally friendly (facilitates water filtration/infiltration)
  • Aesthetically pleasing – both before and after vegetation
  • Highly UV stable (25-year design life) and weather resistant

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