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Automated Stormwater Detention Control Device

smartPOND™ is a series of automated stormwater management tools aimed at maximizing value and optimizing efficiency in the most universal and commonly required stormwater management practices.

Despite the important role that detention and retention practices serve in watershed management, flood mitigation, stream and ecosystem well-being, there have been few evolutionary improvements in these techniques. smartPOND takes these passive stormwater controls and gives them brains, allowing for pre-programmed stormwater facility management that actively measures and releases stormwater to match your regulatory regime, as well as application-based active control that allows you to retain or release water via smartphone, desktop or other device. A pond or an entire watershed can be controlled automatically or at the push of a button!

smartPOND systems have been used nationally since 2017 providing optimized detention, water quality benefits and watershed management opportunities. The latest models maximize pond efficiency and create new opportunities with the availability of real-time data – water levels, gate position, temperature, photos, maintenance records and much more.


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