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High-Strength Geotextiles: Mirafi® H2Ri

A System For Superior Moisture Management

High-strength geotextiles such as Mirafi® H2Ri offer revolutionary solutions for projects in the transportation and site development industries. From reinforcement and drainage to separation and moisture management, Mirafi® H2Ri increases performance while decreasing costs. The adaptability of this geotextile makes it a versatile solution. For example, it can be used to transport water against gravity, reduce frost heave and boils, replace drainage fill in high water table areas, and so much more. Furthermore, with its hydrophilic and hygroscopic wicking yarn construction, this geosynthetic offers superior lateral drainage. As a result, it’s the recommended solution to remove water from roadways and structures.

Ferguson Waterworks carries additional Marafi products such as Mirafi® HP-Series and Mirafi RS-Series.

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