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Mirafi® HP-Series and Mirafi® RS-Series

Woven With Durable Polypropylene

Mirafi® HP-Series and Mirafi RS-Series are geotextiles offering separation, reinforcement, and filtration. Call a Ferguson Waterworks expert today to understand which application is the ideal solution for your project and discuss details like roll sizes and seam options.

Mirafi® HP-Series

Due to their high tensile modulus properties and dense polypropylene weave, the Mirafi HP-Series provides extreme strength. As a result, customers can expect increased performance, durability, and reinforcement. Furthermore, this geotextile offers superior separation and filtration. For instance, their filtration and flow characteristics are similar to those of a fine to coarse layer of sand.

Mirafi® RS-Series

Most commonly used for projects in the transportation industry and on building sites, Mirafi RS-Series provides reliable reinforcement and subgrade stabilization. One of the unique characteristics of the Mirafi RS-Series is its double-layer construction. Due to this construction, filtration pores vary in size. Like the Mirafi-HP-Series, customers can expect filtration and flow compared to a fine to a coarse layer of sand.

Ferguson Waterworks Geo & Storm carries additional Mirafi products such as the high-strength geotextile Marafi H2Ri.


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