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Petrotac® Self Adhesive Paving Membrane

Waterproof Roadways And Bridges

Petrotac® is a popular, self-adhesive paving membrane that protects pavements from moisture. In fact, it decreases cracking by providing a stress-absorbing interlayer. Common applications include waterproofing and treating paving projects, bridge decks, moderate joints and cracks, highways, airport pavements, and more.

This professional moisture barrier product uses a peel-and-stick installation process. As a result, Petrotac prevents water penetration through the pavement, preventing expensive repairs. This product is made of a unique waterproofing membrane adhesive bonded to the nonwoven fabric. Several sizes are available.


  • Simple installation
  • Minimizes water infiltration
  • Reduces reflective cracking
  • Cost-effective bridge deck waterproofing
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