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PowerBLOCK Permeable Pavers

Low Maintenance Open Joint Paver System

PowerBLOCK Permeable Pavers are a high-performance permeable paving system. They have surface infiltration rates of over 1,000 inches per hour! That is 5x higher than most other pavement systems. Equally impressive, when 90% clogged, PowerBlock Permeable Pavers still flow at rates of 100 inches per hour. In comparison, other brand-new competing systems start at that same rate.

These 4.5″ tall durable pavers interlock and use open joints. As a result, they require minimal maintenance, unlike traditional paver joints that must be filled with stone after every installation and every cleaning. PowerBLOCK pavers are usually installed over crushed stone as a base and also as a reservoir to meet stormwater storage requirements. Furthermore, it can be combined with R-Tank Modules for more vertically efficient storage below the surface. Ask our team for more details on how this system provides a permeable paving solution while meeting stormwater storage requirements.

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