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Ecoraster and Bloxx

High-quality Permeable Ground Reinforcement

Ecoraster and Bloxx offer permeable ground reinforcement. Furthermore, this grid system is versatile, high-quality, and long-lasting. Call Ferguson Waterworks today to discuss premium stormwater management solutions such as Ecoraster and Bloxx.

Ecoraster® E40 and Ecoraster® E50

Guaranteed high-quality, hassle-free permeable grass and gravel surface reinforcement. They are commonly used for Fire Lanes, Utility Lanes, Medians and Shoulders, and many more applications. This professionally engineered product consists of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Furthermore, installation is quick and easy because this product is delivered in palatalized 14sf pre-assembled panels. Whether your project requires an all-around or heavy-duty approach, this system is a dependable surface reinforcement solution.

Low Maintenance

The E40 and E50 permeable ground reinforcements require little to no maintenance. In addition, they do not require edging! The individual infill compartments minimize rutting and bird baths which are a typical challenge with unpaved surfaces.

Unmatched Resistance

Built to withstand whatever conditions you throw at them, these interlocking Polyethylene pads resist frost, UV damage, deicing salt, gasoline, and more.

Durable and Drivable

Fully drivable, both models demonstrate an actual resilience of up to 800 t/m2.

Rapid Installation

E40 and E50 pieces are preassembled in approximately 14-square-foot panels. As a result, installation is fast.  In fact, a single person can install up to 1,076 square feet of pads in one hour without using heavy construction equipment.

Three-Step Process

  1. Lay
  2. Cut
  3. Fill

Ecoraster® Bloxx

The creative and flexible design of the Bloxx delivers effective permeable ground reinforcement. It’s cost-effective and saves time. As a result of its flexibility, the Ecoraster Bloxx can be placed virtually anywhere. Just snap them together and drop in the paver inserts. There is no need to fill the gaps. Created from 100% recycled material.

Innovative Design

ECORASTER Bloxx has integrated anti-clogging drainage, offering one of the best infiltration rates in the industry.

A Safer Surface

Bloxx features a unique safety interlocking, which means no bumps and no tripping hazards.

Space for Creativity

Bloxx comes in a variety of colors—including dark gray, light gray, and red—for customized layouts. Combine colors for built-in pavement markings and parking space delineation.

Easy to Install

Bloxx elements install in seconds! Simply snap together the ECORASTER system and insert the blocks. Bloxx is even replaceable without loosening the cluster.


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