Blue Elk Solar

When an abundance of rainfall made it difficult to construct temporary access roads for a project site, contractors called upon the experts at Ferguson Waterworks.

Blue Elk Solar construction site location in the process of constructing temporary access roads.
Blue Elk Solar
Owosso, MI

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After installing temporary roads, our customer was dissatisfied. Earlier in the spring, rainfall was abundant and the roads became unreliable. They required assistance and needed a new design plan to construct temporary access roads.



Ferguson provided on-site assistance, including running Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) testing to measure the strength of in-situ soil and the thickness and location of subsurface soil layers. As a result, we generated several design options for constructing the temporary access roads. Each design was specific to the location.

Since they were using a larger aggregate, the TX190L plan was selected. Compared to fabric, this option better suited the particular location which had soft spots.

Design option for stabilizing the soil to construct temporary access roads.

Product Advantages

  • Kept project on schedule
  • Less stone required
  • Able to use larger aggregate
  • Reduce life cycle cost of haul road

Featured Product

  • TX190

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