Permeable Pavers Bring Parking Lot Up To Storm Code & Saves Client $1 MIL

In order to revitalize and meet stormwater codes, the abandoned parking area at the Shoppes at Fashion Square in Orlando, FL, required updates. With a permeable paving system and machine technology, we helped the client achieve their goals, save $1 million, and complete the project in just 10 days.

Case studies - results from installing permeable paving & machine technology to get an abandoned site and parking lot up to stormwater code

Initial Concern

Our client set out to develop an abandoned shopping center in Florida. However, the parking area needed updates. Between ponding, poor drainage, and the high water table, they required a reliable solution to meet the stormwater code and keep the project on track.


In short, the client desired a cost-effective system to meet stormwater code requirements and increase water treatment volume.

Installation Solution

After careful consideration, PaveDrain, a permeable paving system, was chosen to revitalize the parking area. Because other systems would require additional excavation of bad soils and elevating the parking surface by 2 feet, our stormwater solution resulted in cost-savings and faster installation.

Each permeable block covers 144 square inches and weighs 50 lbs. Underneath the PaveDrain, aggregate and BX II were installed to increase stability and drainage. This project was the first time in Florida’s history that used machine technology to place pavers. As a result, the project was completed in half the time in comparison to hand-placed installation. Overall, the parking lot upgrades were completed in 10 days. Five large areas totaling 60,000 SF of PaveDrain were installed. In conclusion, this provided 80% pollutant removal efficiency and 30% TSS and Phosphorus load reduction rates.

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