Naples, Florida HydroTurf Ditches

See how Ferguson Waterworks resolved ditch flooding and erosion next to a busy street in Naples, Florida.

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Naples, Florida

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Naples, Florida needed an aesthetically pleasing hard-armor system with little to no maintenance.


HydroTurf was selected due to its aesthetically pleasing turf-like appearance and because it will be a low-maintenance option for the city. No more weed whacking or inconvenient mowing!

Product Advantages

  • Aesthetically pleasing turf-like appearance
  • Low maintenance
  • Hard-armor system
  • Immediate protection against erosion

Project Scope

A section of ditch was chosen to serve as a test to see if this method would be a viable option for the remaining 136 miles of ditches remaining in Naples that need work. These ditches, which experience a lot of flooding and erosion, have begun to be very costly to maintain and repair. The city of Naples desired a permanent hard-armor erosion control system that would cut maintenance costs for the city and stand the test of time and bad storms.


Erosion and flooding in ditches are a very common problem for cities in Florida because of the large rainfall events and hurricanes they are subjected to. For this project, HydroTurf, a hard-armor concrete revetment system delivering significant results in climates where hurricanes and extreme storm events are frequent occurrences, was selected.


The city chose to work with Ferguson Waterworks because of our proven track record on delivering sound and simple solutions. Our local expertise was also an added benefit that set us apart from the competition.

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