Oak Street Stream Restoration

In response to pervasive scouring and erosion, Prince William County took on the challenge of permanently protecting a stream bank in Virginia.

Restoration Case studies - Prince William County took on the challenge of permanently protecting a stream bank in Virginia
Prince William County
Prince William, VA

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Stabilize and permanently protect a stream bank prone to scour and erosion.


Install a ShoreFlex® rolled concrete block mat system for immediate reinforcement and to facilitate vegetative growth for long-term erosion resistance.

Product Advantages

  • Immediate permanent erosion protection
  • Quickly and easily installed in tight quarters
  • Competitive costs to rip rap
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy lifting and anchoring process


In a residential area of Prince William County, rain events send large amounts of water through a 48-inch culvert pipe onto the bank of Oak Street Stream. The water volume and velocity regularly dislodged the rip rap being used to secure the bank, requiring the Public Works Department to retrieve the displaced rock and regrade the slope.

Project Scope

Scouring from the culvert pipe often infringed beyond the right-of-way into a homeowner’s property, and the sediment runoff polluted the stream. The county was looking for a permanent rip rap alternative that provided immediate results and required little maintenance in the future.

The Solution

Prince William County selected ShoreFlex® for its proven effectiveness as a permanent solution. Using the included lifting straps, the Department of Public Works was able to set the ShoreFlex® in place before rolling it out and anchoring.

The county partnered with Ferguson Waterworks because of our sterling track record of customer service and innovative solutions in Virginia. Our expansive network of distribution centers allowed us to provide the materials quickly, and our team of product experts was able to provide on-site assistance, ensuring proper installation for long-term results.

“ShoreFlex is a great lightweight hard armor solution that immediately reinforces stream banks and promotes vegetative growth. Prince William County needed a permanent solution in lieu of rip rap to reduce maintenance costs and provide a better aesthetic.”
– Del Fuller, Ferguson Waterworks project lead

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