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When a steep slope struggles to maintain vegetation and has severe erosion, Ferguson Waterworks steps in, provides a custom solution, and generates sustainable vegetation within four months.

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West Union, West Virginia
Biotic Soil,

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A cut slope along an access road could not maintain vegetation. Due to this fact, the slope was heavily eroded. Stretching across 3 acres, it varied in form ranging from 2:1 to 1:1. Over seven years, several attempts were made to vegetate the slope, however standard hydroseeding products were unsuccessful.


Once acquainted with the challenge, Ferguson Waterworks experts conducted a soil test. In conclusion, they discovered the soil had less than 1.5% organic matter and was highly alkaline. With this information and experience vegetating a steep slope, we developed an application-specific protocol to promote growth.

Firstly, we used test plots to ensure our combination of soil amendments would render the desired results. Using a hydroseeder (a recommended application method for vegetating a steep slope), we applied AquaPhix, Jump Start, BioPrime, ProGanics, seed, fertilizer, Flexterra, and FlocLoc. After seeing great results, we graded the slope and established drainage channels to better disperse stormwater and ensure long-lasting and sustainable plant growth. Lastly, we applied the additives from the test plots over the entire 3 acres. Within 4 months, there was impressive growth.

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