When an Abandoned Mine Land reclamation project cannot establish vegetation, Ferguson Waterworks develops a custom blend of soil additives that compensates for the soil, sun exposure, and high winds.

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Greenbriar, West Virginia

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A West Virginia Abandoned Mine Land (AML) reclamation project had trouble maintaining vegetation. During the initial reclamation, soils were imported to help add organic matter to the site, however, the material had an abundance of un-decomposed woody material, bark, silt, and sand. High winds and full sun also impacted the site.


A Ferguson Waterworks team conducted soil tests to better understand its makeup. Analyzing the results, they concluded the percentage of organic matter was over 8%, however, PH levels were high and the soil was lacking in both nitrogen and potassium.

To create a well-balanced growing environment, it was important to consider both the soil conditions as well as key strategies to establish vegetation in high-wind and full-sun areas. As a result, we applied a hydro-seeding mixture. The mixture included key soil additives such as nitrogen and potassium fertilizers, AquaPhix to lower PH, BioPrime to optimize the delivery of macro and micronutrients, and Biotic Earth Black for water holding capacity. In addition, we introduced trace minerals, starches, proteins, amino acids, mycorrhizal, and beneficial bacteria. Together, these amendments create a more balanced soil composition and help establish vegetation in high wind.

Product Advantages

  • AquaPhix Liquid immediately begins to lower soil PH.
  • BioPrime has four active ingredients and feeds plants for up to 6 months.
  • Biotic Earth Black increases water-holding capacity and introduces beneficial microbial activity and natural growth stimulants that help establish vegetation in high wind and full sun.

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