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Catch Basin Filter

SediBag is a construction-phase drop inlet filter. In fact, it removes silt, sediment, trash, and debris from stormwater runoff entering catch basins. This specific filter slides over the grate for filtration. Furthermore, it is made with yellow durable monofilament polypropylene geosynthetic fabric. Optional overflow and curb filters are available upon request. Once installed, the device can be cleaned and reused throughout a construction job. Simply use the lift straps to remove and empty.

This device is approved as a temporary inlet filter in many states and localities. Please reach out to our team with questions regarding approvals.

This inlet filter is made in our Richmond, VA manufacturing facility. As a result, custom sizes are available upon request.

Key Benefits and Features of the SediBag:
  • Easy Installation
  • Built-in lift straps for easy removal, emptying/cleaning, and replacement
  • Keeps silt, sediment, trash, and debris out of stormwater systems
  • Reusable throughout the life of the construction job
  • Custom sizes are available upon request
  • Optional overflow and curb filters are available
  • The yellow fabric is easy to see in most conditions
  • Made in the USA in our Richmond, VA manufacturing facility
How is SediBag Installed?

Firstly, easily slip the correctly sized SediBag over a removed grate. To fully enclose the grate, tuck the enclosure flap completely inside. Then, using the built-in straps, carefully lower the SediBag and grate in place so there is no damage to the SediBag.

How is a SediBag Maintained?

In order to maintain full functionality, it is important to check and clean the SediBag at specified intervals. To note, we recommend additional checks after major storm events. When cleaning the SediBag, firstly, remove all debris and sediment from the surface of the filter. Afterward, lift the grate and SediBag out of the drop inlet using the built-in straps. Then, either empty and clean the unit for reuse or dispose of it at an appropriate recycling or solid waste facility. If you intend to reuse the bag, ensure there are no rips or tears before reinstalling it.

Additional Construction-Phase Drop-Inlet Devices:
  • EconoSack: a below-the-grate filter device that protects stormwater systems from trash, sediment, and debris.
  • Siltsack: protects catch basins from construction runoff.
  • GrateGator: removes sediment and debris from stormwater as it enters the catch basin.
  • SiltSack NW: filters oil and sediment out of stormwater.

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