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SiltSack NW

Catch Basin Insert

The SiltSack NW filters stormwater waste (exceeding 80% sediment removal efficiency). As a result, it keeps stormwater systems and waterways clean. This storm drain filter removes contaminants like litter, sand, eroded soil, debris, fuel contaminants, and oil from runoff. The catch basin insert is made of geotextile fabric and its easy installation makes it ideal for industrial facilities, construction sites, and parking lots. SiltSack NW complies with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999), fulfilling Best Management Practice (BMP) in Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans. Installation of the SiltSack NW is simple. Firstly, raise the grate and place the system over the opening. Then, lower the grate back into place.

Ferguson Waterworks offers premium SiltSack NW models, including:
  • Oil & Sediment Model — removes up to .87 gallons of hydrocarbons as well as dirt, sand, and other contaminants
  • Oil & Sediment Plus Model — the addition of the filter strips increases oil and grease absorption by .51 gallons, offering a total capacity of 1.38 gallons of hydrocarbon removal
  • Trash & Debris Model — designed specifically to catch larger items and floatables like leaves, cigarette butts, and paper goods
Additional Construction-Phase Drop-Inlet Devices:
  • EconoSack: a below-the-grate filter device that protects stormwater systems from trash, sediment, and debris.
  • Siltsack: protects catch basins from construction runoff.
  • GrateGator: removes sediment and debris from stormwater as it enters the catch basin.
  • SediBag: slides over the grate to stop debris from entering the catch basin

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