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Soil Stabilization Polymers

The Erosion Control soil stabilization polymers are a group of soil-specific tailored polyacrylamide (PAM) co-polymer powders and emulsions.

Erosion control soil stabilization polymers prevent erosion and control sediment. Furthermore, they reduce the erosion of fine particles and colloidal clays from water.

Non-corrosive/Non-toxic dust suppressant: HDS 3000

Because of the unique formulation, the dust suppression longevity extends into weeks. This is, of course, dependent on the site and environmental conditions. In comparison to HDS 3000, it is not as corrosive. It also has a low chloride content and is not formulated with chloride salts or inorganic salts of any kind. In fact, by using HDS 3000 you utilize an environmentally safe product that does not track out when your trucks leave the site.

Applications for HDS 3000
  • Construction Sites
  • Haul Roads
  • Land Fills
  • Mining Operations
  • Mineral Processing
Benefits of HDS 3000
  • Requires less water
  • Reduces labor expenses
  • Decreases equipment use (wear/tear)
  • Reduces fuel costs

Linear Anionic Polymer (PAM): HydroLoc H30 PAM

H30 PAM is a granular non-toxic soil binding agent manufactured to Carolina Hydrologic’s specifications. Furthermore, H30 PAM is recognized as a best management practice (BMP) by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It is certified pursuant to the United States Environmental Protection Agency 821-R-02-012 testing protocol.

Dry Applications for HydroLoc H30 PAM
HydroLoc H30 PAM Hydroseeding
  • Reduces Erosion/Sediment Load
  • Improves Water Infiltration and Enhances Germination
  • Superior Tackifier

Linear Anionic Polymer (PAM): Floc Product Suite

Our Floc Product Suite (FPS) is a proprietary blend of non-toxic soil-binding agents. Use the semi-hydrated FPS in both active and passive treatment applications. All products have negative charges and do not alter pH. Furthermore, the FPS enables the flocculation of fine soil particles. As a result, the soil particles settle. In turn, reducing the turbidity of the water column. Our FPS has 97.3% active ingredients and NO FILLERS. The FPS is certified pursuant to the United States Environmental Protection Agency 821-R-02-012 testing protocol.

Applications for Floc Product Suite
  • Diversion Ditches/Swales and with Rock/Wattle Check Dams (Passive Treatment)
  • Stormwater Drains, Curb Inlets, and Catch Basins (Passive Treatment)
  • Manifolds, other Treatments, and Recirculation Systems (Active Treatment)


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