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Fabco Filters and Screens

Industry-Leading Stormwater Filtration Products

Take the complexity out of treatment plans for stormwater pollution with Fabco filters and screens. From their StormSack Catch Basin Inserts to their Beehive Rain Garden Overflow Filters, Fabco offers reliable, innovative, and heavily tested products for stormwater filtration. Whether looking to speak with an expert or place an order, call Ferguson Waterworks today.

Fabco Stormwater Treatment Products:

  • StormSack
  • Beehive Overflow Filter
  • ScreenBox
  • Trench Drain Filter
  • StormRing
  • Connector Pipe Screen
ScreenBox™ Catch Basin Filter from Fabcocatches heavy debris



This geotextile catch basin insert filter system separates trash and debris out of the stormwater runoff. Options for the StormSack include the BMP Series and PLUS series.

StormSack BMP Series

  • Ready for extreme conditions, this fully welded frame is both heavy-duty and customizable.
  • Because of its 145 GPM/ft² replaceable filter bag, the BMP Series handles large volumes.
  • Furthermore, the StormSack installs seamlessly, removes easily, and adjusts to fit real inlet dimensions and irregularities.

StormSack PLUS Geotextile

  • Like the BMP Series, this frame is fully welded and ready to handle extreme conditions or commercial applications. Furthermore, both models use the 145 GPM/ft² replaceable geotextile filter bag.
  • If you’re dealing with the removal of oils, grease, and hydrocarbons, this series is fully equipped with an oil boom.
  • Perhaps you’re concerned about sharp debris puncturing the liner while in use or during maintenance and transport. That is why StormSack PLUS is puncture-resistant as a result of its HDPE mesh liner.
  • Rely on the protected bypass to retain sediment and trash safely, even if conditions are extreme.
  • Sizing is customizable and adjustable so that it fits real inlets and irregularities.

In addition to the BMP and PLUS StormSack models, Fabco offers more catch basin insert filter system configurations. These configurations are factory-sized and assembled prior to shipment.

  • Square and rectangular inlets
  • Round (not adjustable)
  • Wall-mounted (not adjustable)

Beehive Rain Garden Overflow Filter

This easy-to-install yet durable corrosion-resistant filter captures a specific water volume – generally, the first inch of runoff. When installed properly, the Beehive Filter offers defense against erosion caused by stormwater. The Beehive Bioretention Containment Filter can be added to any round bypass 8” to 36” ID to capture both floatables and solids.

  • Reduces clogs
  • Handles high flows
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to service
Metal ScreenBox™ Catch Basin Filter from Fabco


ScreenBox™ Catch Basin Filter

The Fabco ScreenBox captures both large and small stormwater debris. When the debris is collected, it is stored in a dry state until the system is cleaned out. This reduces the potential of septic conditions and the total stored weight. Due to its ability to handle several hundred pounds, the ScreenBox Catch Basin Filter is a high-quality solution for areas with extreme runoff. In order to empty the basin, simply lift the unit from the drain or use a commercial vacuum truck.

Trench Drain Filter

The trench drain filter is the ideal solution for both new construction and existing applications experiencing high stormwater flow rates. Because of its stainless steel design, it is compatible with most flat-bottomed trench drain inlets. Use it to trap sediment, trash, and hydrocarbons.

Expanding StormRing

Fabco’s StormRings are affordable, easy to install, highly effective, and require minimal maintenance. This catch basin insert traps trash, such as cigarette butts, and other stormwater debris. Meanwhile, filtered water passes into the storm drain. Available in 6”, 8”, 12”, 15”, and 18” configurations and constructed to fit your specific project parameters, the Fabco Expanding StormRing maximizes water quality and exceeds regulatory requirements.

Connector Pipe Screen

Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) is for use in public works projects, such as those in coastal communities in the California market. The CPS prevents stormwater debris and runoff from entering waterways which reduces pollution. This is accomplished by installing the system directly upstream to a connector pipe inside a catch basin. Then, the runoff will pass the vertical stainless steel screen, capturing pollutants.

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