Providing Ground Stabilization For Chesapeake, VA Container Yard

Ferguson provides design assistance to reduce stone fill and enhance subgrade stabilization for the container yard

InterAx Geogrid installed at a container yard for subgrade stabilization.
Container Yard Owner
Chesapeake, Virginia

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When constructing a container yard, the owner and engineer quickly realized a substantial amount of stone was necessary to ensure subgrade stabilization. Unfortunately, large quantities of stone would complicate the process, alter the desired grades, and extend their timeline.


Ferguson provided design assistance and created a long-lasting comprehensive solution using high-strength geotextile products. Innovative, durable, and top-performing ground stabilization geogrids reduced stone fill and stabilized the container yard ground to withstand extreme weight capacities and traffic. Furthermore, with the advanced properties of Tensar InterAX® Geogrids, the storage requirements for stormwater BMPs were decreased.

Product Advantages

  • Less stone to be hauled in and placed.
  • No construction overruns.
  • No additional stormwater changes or storage.
  • No change in grade.
  • Faster overall construction time.

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