EcoBloxx Installation For Residential Erosion Control

Ferguson Geo and Stormwater provided an aesthetically pleasing residential erosion control solution that addressed runoff, permeability, and dwelling access.

EcoBloxx Installation for residential erosion control.
Family Dwelling in Town of Becket
Becket, MA

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This project consisted of the renovation and reconstruction of a single-family dwelling and site access on South Cove Road in Becket MA. Directly across the street from the driveway entrance is Center Pond. After getting permits from the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board, construction began. As you can see from the photos, the driveway of this dwelling ranged from 10-18% slope. The Conservation Commission had previously approved a gravel driveway, however, once the driveway was installed, rutting and erosion began. The sediment from the driveway was soon making its way into Center Pond, which the Conservation Commission was not happy about.


Ferguson Geo and Stormwater recommended Purus EcoBloxx which is pervious and aesthetically pleasing. This solution addressed the residential erosion control needs. From its permeability to its durability, the customer was able to both reduce runoff and improve their dwelling access. The Town of Becket, the Contractor, and the Owner were all extremely pleased.

Featured Product(s):

  • Purus EcoBloxx

Product Advantages

  • Surface infiltration rate: 2,500 IN/HR AVG.
  • 4” minimum base depth to handle vehicular traffic
  • 100% recycled polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Quick installation

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