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Fiters, screens, trash catching devices, and other stormwater products approved by California Water Board.
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California Water Board Approved Products

Trash capture devices approved for use by the California Water Board

Ferguson Waterworks is proud to offer an extensive line of stormwater products approved by California Water Board. Certified and approved, these full trash capture devices are manufactured by Fabco Industries. Together, Ferguson Waterworks and Fabco offer the most comprehensive suite of California-compliant products and solutions in the marketplace. Meet stringent pollution control regulations and best management practices for municipal and stormwater markets.



California-complient stormwater product, the storm trough.


When handling runoff entering a curb face inlet, rely on the California-approved stormwater product, the Stormtrough. Mount this unit to the inlet wall. When water enters the unit, the trough will capture it. Then it will direct the water to the StormSack filter bag. In comparison to similar devices from other manufacturers, the Stormtrough offers easier installation with fewer parts.

Key benefits of the California-approved stormwater product:
  • 8-year warranty on all components including filter bag
  • Maintainance is easy
  • Installation is simple
  • Fabricated with high-quality stainless steel
Stormwater product trash catcher that is approved by the California Water Board.


Mount this cartridge-based system within the inlet of a drainage structure. The California-compliant stormwater product houses media in high-flow cartridges. Then, the media removes specific pollutants such as 80% TSS, trash, sedimentation, bacteria, vegetation, and nutrients. In comparison to similar devices from other manufacturers, the StormBasin offers great treatment and bypass. As a result, it requires less maintenance.

Similar to other FABCO stormwater products approved by California, StormBasin delivers numerous benefits. For example:
  • 8-year warranty on all components including filter bag
  • Both higher treatment and bypass rates reduce required maintenance when compared to competitive products
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple installation
  • Flexible design options
California-compliant connector pipe screen from stormwater runoff.

Connector Pipe Screens (CPS)

Treat water by trapping trash and debris with a Connector Pipe Screen (CPS). Approved by the California Water Board, this stormwater solution captures pollutants inside its catch basin, meanwhile allowing filtered stormwater to exit via the effluent pipe. FABCO CPS devices fit through a typical manhole opening. As a result, installation is easy for both new and existing catch basins.

Additional benefits of the CPS include:
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple installation
  • Flexible design options
  • Fabricated with high-quality and durable stainless steel
The FABCO Ready Fit Storm Sack for stormwater solutions.

Ready-Fit StormSack

The Ready-Fit StormSack is an excellent pre-filter at storm drain inlets. Furthermore, it is the ONLY drop-inlet device available in the marketplace with a frame that offers 12″ of adjustability. As a result of its adjustable sizing, the stormsack trash capture filter can be fit in the field and adjusted to the proper size per real inlet dimensions and irregularities. Capture sediment, trash, and debris in stormwater runoff with ease.

Beyond its adjustability and compliance with the CA Water Board, this stormwater product offers:
  • An 8-year warranty
  • Interchangeable and replaceable filter bag options
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple installation
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
FABCO screenbox for catching trash and debris found in stormwater runoff.


The ScreenBox grate inlet skimmer basket filters water via 3 screens. Furthermore, it traps sediment and debris which it contains in a dry state, thereby reducing potential septic conditions and minimizing material weight. This results in easier maintenance, space savings, and reduced disposal costs. It is Ideal for extreme weather conditions or heavy-duty commercial use.

Additional benefits of the ScreenBox grate from FABCO include its:
  • 8-year warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple installation
  • Flexible design

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